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Sprinkler System Repair

Here in Lincoln, we depend on irrigation systems to keep our plants, herbs and flowers thriving. If your sprinkler system starts to struggle, who do you go to for troubleshooting and repairs? 

ICON Plumbing can help! While we don’t install sprinkler systems from scratch, we can help you diagnose your system and determine what the best repair will be. Even a small sprinkler leak can cost you a lot of money in wasted water, and it can harm the surrounding soil and vegetation. Let ICON handle some of the common sprinkler system problems with precision!

Plumber repairing leaking lawn sprinkler

Sprinkler Supply Line Repairs

One of the main components of your sprinkler system is the system of supply lines that connect your home’s main water supply to the sprinkler heads in the yard. Without these lines in place, the water couldn’t travel across wide spans of ground and reach the farthest edges of your landscaping!

Supply lines are commonly made from PVC, polyethylene tubing or high density polyethylene pipe (HDPP). It’s more common to see poly pipes in our colder climate because they can flex better during hard freezes. You might recognize these flexible black pipes that are also used for drip irrigation in gardens!

While these supply line materials are designed to withstand the elements, they aren’t invincible and can sustain damage. This is when pesky water leaks and other repairs can pop up! Some of the most common causes of supply line repairs our team sees are:

  • Compacted Soil — Once you’ve buried the sprinkler lines, the soil doesn’t stay in one place for years! In fact, people walking, vehicles driving and natural erosion can pack the dirt down on top of those supply lines. The added pressure can cause bending and breaking in the pipes.
  • Freezing Weather — Nebraska’s winters easily dip below freezing, putting your plumbing pipes at risk. Many homeowners run small amounts of water through their lines to prevent freezing, but it can happen!
  • Blockages — The grey water that is used for watering can contain tiny particles that build up and block the supply lines. You might need to clear out a clog in your sprinkler system.
  • Animals — Some rodents and gophers may try to snack on your supply lines, creating punctures or weakening certain areas over time.

Whether it’s the weight of the soil they’re buried under or a hard freeze, your sprinkler supply lines may need some professional repairs. When you’re dealing with sprinkler line leaks, call on the pros at ICON to get your system back in order! 

Vacuum Breaker Repairs & Replacements

Another important component of your sprinkler system to keep in working order is your vacuum breaker — also called a backflow preventer! A vacuum breaker is a device that prohibits the water exiting the potable water in your home from getting sucked back into the system. Some cities even require the presence of backflow preventers to protect the municipal water supply from contamination. 

When changes in pressure occur throughout the sprinkler and neighboring plumbing systems, the water that’s been exposed to outside contaminants can be sucked back into your plumbing. You don’t want to risk your family being exposed to pesticides or other pollutants when a simple installation can prevent it!

Sprinkler systems are NOT automatically installed with a vacuum breaker, so it’s important to know if you need to schedule your own backflow preventer installation! A vacuum breaker is located at the main water line exiting your home. ICON recommends you invest in a new vacuum breaker about every 5 years to ensure that the fittings and seal don’t wear out and put your home at risk.

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When you need assistance with your sprinkler supply lines or vacuum breaker, count on the Lincoln team that puts you first every time. Our plumbers will efficiently evaluate the problem and recommend the best solution to keep your yard and landscaping quenched. Contact us today to speak with a friendly customer service representative!

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