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Sewer Line Services

Problems with your sewer lines can be some of the most stressful plumbing problems you can run into. When deciding on which plumbing company you need to call for help, you want to make the right choice. Sewer line problems can turn severe quickly, and you need a reliable company to get your system back to working how it should.

ICON Plumbing is here for you when it comes to sewer line repairs and replacements. Choosing ICON to help you with your sewer line service needs is the best option because of the trust we build while working on the homes in Lincoln. If you’re looking for the best customer-trusted plumbing company in Lincoln, look no further!

Sewer Line Damage In Lincoln

Any form of sewer line backup or leak can be frustrating to deal with as a homeowner. These issues cause not only the stress of a backup or leak but the unpleasant smells and messy cleanup of the broken pipe. Since this aspect of your system is underground and in hard to reach places, it can be difficult to identify where exactly the issue is coming from. This is when the professional team at ICON is the most helpful to you. We can take this mess off your hands and take care of it with effective solutions.

Plumber working with sewer line

Common Causes Of Sewer Line Damage

Many different factors affect how well your sewer lines stand up to time, the climate and impact. Although all pipes weather these factors differently, we see sewer line damage in Lincoln all the time, and we know some of the most frequent culprits. A few of the causes of sewer line damage are:

Corroded Pipes

Due to the high risk of corrosion from calcium and magnesium build-up, your pipes are susceptible to corrosion over time. Pipes are made of materials to prevent rusting, but if you leave the corrosion aspect of them untreated, it can lead to leaks and cracks in your piping. This is most likely to occur in older houses as this corrosion happens over long periods of time.

Clogged Pipes

Since your home’s sewage lines are only equipped to be able to handle toilet paper and human waste, the damage has a higher risk of occurring when debris and foreign objects make their way into the lines. Things like paper towels and different forms of trash are not able to properly disintegrate like toilet paper can. When they go down the pipes and get stuck, blockages begin to cause problems. Make sure you’re paying attention to what’s going down your drains to avoid clogged pipes.

Tree Roots

Sewer line damage caused by tree roots is one of the most common causes of damage. Tree roots naturally follow water sources as they grow, so roots are naturally attracted to the liquid waste that flows through your sewer lines. Once they make contact with your sewer line, they wrap around your sewer pipes and begin to weaken the pipes by breaking and even clogging them.

Extreme Temperatures

Your pipes are susceptible to breaking and bursting in extreme temperatures, such as extremely cold climates. Frozen pipes can burst because of the ice expanding inside of them. Although it’s much more likely for the cold to make the pipes burst, it can happen in extreme heat as well.

Signs Of Sewer Line Damage

It’s also important to be able to recognize the signs of sewer line damage to know when you need to call for help. Being able to spot the signs that something is wrong can make the difference in the size of your problem and can also help prevent future damage. If you notice any of these signs happening in or around your home, you could have sewer line damage:

  • Flooded yard
  • Foul odors coming from your yard
  • Slow draining
  • Water damage in your home

You don’t want to waste time when you begin to notice these signs of sewer line damage. Give us a call ASAP if you’re experiencing any of these problems. We’ll get your sewer line fixed before it’s too late!

Sewer Line Replacement

We understand the inconvenience of having to get your sewer line replaced. It can be a large, and usually messy task to perform. When you choose ICON Plumbing to perform this task for you, you can rest assured that our plumbing professionals will take care of it as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Lincoln Sewer Services

We offer homes in Lincoln the best quality plumbing services around. When it comes to your plumbing, we don’t waste any time or effort because we know how important it is for your home to be running smoothly. Your home is our top priority.

For more information on our sewer line services, you can give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment to discuss it with a professional! We’re open and honest about our services because it’s what you deserve. Let us help you with your plumbing today!

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