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Jetted tubs should be nothing but relaxing
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Jacuzzis & Air Tub Services

Your bathroom can be the most relaxing place in your home — especially if you have an upgraded jetted tub to help you out! Also known as jacuzzi tubs or air tubs, bathtubs with jets can bring ultimate relaxation after a long day of stress. However, they require special considerations during installation and can be difficult to troubleshoot when leaks appear!

ICON Plumbing offers fantastic bathroom plumbing services, including jetted tub installations and repairs. If you’re ready to install a jacuzzi tub, let the pros handle the specific installation process to the tee. When your air tub starts to leak or develops other problems, we can pinpoint the issue and perform efficient repairs. Call on ICON for all your jacuzzi bathtub needs!

Modern bathroom with a jetted tub

Jetted Bathtub Installations

Bathtubs that have air jets built in can be highly desirable, but they do require some special considerations to make the installation process successful. For example, jetted tubs are heavier than normal tubs, which means your flooring needs to be able to support the extra weight — plus the weight of water inside it!

Our specialists are used to taking these kinds of things into account when helping customers install their jacuzzi tubs. Other important aspects of your installation are the plumbing systems in place in your bathroom. If your home wasn’t built with a jetted tub in mind originally, the water supply lines and wastewater lines may be located in different formats than is required.

Having a plumber evaluate the placement of your pipes is extremely important BEFORE you try to install the tub itself. Sometimes, the rough waste plumbing can be accessed below your bathroom floor, but other times it can’t. These scenarios run smoother than ever with the expertise of a plumber on hand. We’ll be able to adapt the plumbing as needed or inform you of the necessary changes to flawlessly insert your new jacuzzi bathtub. 

Once your air tub is installed, it can potentially last upward of 20 or 30 years! If your jetted tub is approaching this age range, it’s time to think about investing in a replacement!

Jacuzzi & Air Tub Repairs

If installed correctly, you should be able to avoid many of the common tub repairs that homeowners face. However, jetted tubs come with the potential for certain repairs. Water leaks can form in almost any kind of plumbing system, and air tubs are no different! Depending on if you have a shell leak or jet gasket leak, our professionals will be able to offer the best resolution. Common causes of water leaks from your jetted tub are:

  • Leaking water seals
  • Cracked pipes
  • Leaky valves

Some of these problems are easier to diagnose than others, but you never want to risk water damage by missing a sign of more severe leakage. Calling the experts at ICON is your best option for quick and easy tub leak repairs. We travel with equipment that makes evaluating and repairing your jetted tub simple and smooth.

We can also troubleshoot problems with your tub’s pump. If your pump starts humming or making strange noises, you need professional help. Our team knows how to safely handle the jacuzzi tub pump and determine why the system is malfunctioning. That’s why we’re Lincoln’s go-to plumbing team!

Powerful Jetted Tub Services

If your Lincoln bathroom is being disrupted by annoying jacuzzi tub repairs or you need to install a new air tub, count on the local plumbers that get the job done right. ICON Plumbing puts your needs first, and we pay attention to details so that you can have 100% confidence in your bathroom plumbing. Give us a call for all your jacuzzi tub services today!

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