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Lincoln Backflow Replacement

Did you know that the majority of your plumbing systems depend on gravity to move water and waste in the right direction? While your plumbing can usually function flawlessly and transport wastewater away from your home, there are some instances when contaminated water reverses direction in your pipes! This is called backflow, and it can be extremely dangerous for your family.

Luckily, ICON Plumbing has the experience and equipment you need to identify any backflow issues quickly. If you suspect your water is contaminated, don’t delay in scheduling a backflow test! Our team can install or replace a backflow preventer to protect your home and provide crystal clean water to your home!

drilling hole into water hose backflow

How Does Backflow Happen?

The wastewater running through your pipes is primarily vulnerable to one thing: changes in pressure. If the pressure in a connected system downstream from your wastewater increases, your wastewater can be pushed back up the pipe. Similarly, if a leak or other problem upstream of your wastewater occurs, the water can be sucked back up the pipes. 

While water changing direction may not seem like that big of a problem, remember that these pipes connect to the rest of your home. If water that’s being carried away from your showers, tubs, sinks and washing machines comes back into your home, you could be at risk. Additionally, outside contaminants can be caught in the reverse flow. For example, if water on the lawn that you recently used pesticide on is sucked back into the sprinkler head, it could potentially make its way back into your home.

This is why water testing is so important. You may not even know that your home is at risk of contaminated water! Our team at ICON can install a backflow preventer to block any harmful contaminants from flowing back into your home.

Lincoln Backflow Preventer Installation

A backflow preventer is a device that can be installed into your pipes. It allows water to flow through the pipes in the correct direction, but is designed to block the flow of water in the reverse direction. With this simple mechanical barrier, your home can be completely safe from backflow. 

The team at ICON has years of experience installing these devices efficiently on the pipes of Lincoln homeowners. We cause as little disruption to your life as we can, leaving your home with a strong shield against water contamination. We’ll also be able to recommend the best kind of backflow preventer from those available. Between Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies, Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies (RPZ) and Double-Check Valve Assemblies (DCA), it can get overwhelming quickly.

Having an expert weigh in on these issues could be the difference between successful backflow prevention and harmful pollutants in your water! Plus, you won’t have to worry about investing in the wrong equipment to keep your home safe — that’s what we’re here for!

When To Replace My Backflow Preventer

The average lifespan of a backflow preventer is 5-10 years. Since these devices are mechanical, their parts do eventually wear out. If your backflow preventer is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s probably time to invest in a new one.

Our team can recommend the best course of action to get your preventer back on track quickly. If you experience costly repairs frequently, it might be time to consider replacing the preventer altogether! 

Lincoln’s Backflow Preventer Experts

ICON Plumbing is more than some nameless group of technicians that show up to your house. We treat every home with the attention to detail and care that we’d want in our own homes. You can bet that our technicians use precision to ensure your backflow preventer is in tip top condition. When you need backflow services, count on your ICONic plumbers. Give us a call today!

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